School Rules


Each parent receives a copy of the School Rules and will be expected to adhere to it according to the enrolment form. Please initial this page to confirm that you take note of the content.


  1. Footsteps runs in conjunction with the Department of Education’s TERMS AND HOLIDAYS & as a Christian school we    observe certain Christian holidays.
  2. All parents must complete an ENROLMENT FORM and all other relevant forms requested and pay a Placement fee on enrolment.
  3. FEES: Parents/guardians must assume full liability for school fees in respect of the enrolled child for the academic year.

    School fees are:- 5 days per week: R1470, 4 days per week: R1320, 3 days per week: R1170, 2 days per week: R1030

    and per day R110.

Fees are payable at the 2nd  of each month for 12 months, January to December.

    Payments can be made over 12 months, 10 months, per term or per year. Annual payments before 31 January qualify for a

5% discount.

Bank details: Footsteps Preschool, Current account, ABSA, Plettenberg Bay: 4087840988,

    branch code 632005, reference is your Child’s name and surname, not the number on the invoice please


  1. Fees that reflect in the school’s bank account after the 7th of the month will incur a fine of R100.

Fees are payable as usual during a child’s absence due to illness, being taken on holiday, etc.


  1. The school reserves the right to restrict admission of any child of whom monies due to the school are outstanding.

In such a case, the child’s place will then be open for a new enrolment.


  1. *30 Days written notice is required when withdrawing a child from the school. Failure to give notice shall render the

parent/guardian liable for school fees for the month.

*Under no circumstances will notice be accepted in during the 4th term.

*In the event that the child is withdrawn at the end of an academic year, the parent/guardian is still liable to pay for

  the complete 4th term.

MEDICAL CONCESSION: If a child needs to stay away from school for medical reasons half the monthly school fee is

payable to keep the child’s space – non refundable. To qualify for this discount we will need a written request with a doctor’s

letter and the dates clearly indicated.


7. ILLNESS: Children suffering from colds, coughs, or any infectious condition should be kept at home until the infectious

condition has passed. In the event that medication needs to be administered by mouth at school, the parent must give a

written and signed directive in the child’s note book.


8. ABSENCE: The office and/or the child’s teacher should be notified of the reason for a child’s absence per

phone call or sms, if possible before 9 a.m.


9.   Parents are asked to co-operate by seeing that ALL their child’s clothing is clearly MARKED with his/her name.


10.  All children should bring a marked HAT to school to stay for outside play.

Please pack a CHANGE OF CLOTHING (marked) in case of accidents or water play.


11. CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BRING toys, junk food, yoghurt(messy) or candy to school, this includes chocolate, candy bars

and sweet muffins.

12.  Children will be placed in AGE APPROPRIATE classes.


13. We organize OUTINGS and/or at least once a term for the older classes and a small cost may be required.

14.  TRANSPORT: the school will not be responsible for transporting children to or from school. If parents privately organise lifts with staff members the school will not be held liable for anything happening to that child whilst being transported.


15.  SAFETY AND SECURITY: Parents are requested to deliver their children personally to the teacher in charge.

School starts at 08:00. Please ensure that all gates are closed during entrance and exit.

NO Footsteps Child is allowed to press the buttons to open the main gate and all gates MUST be closed behind you.

Please notify the school of any changes to the person collecting or dropping off your child.

It is imperative that the school is notified of any changes in telephone and address details.


16. SCHOOL HOURS are from:- 08:00 – 12:00 for Fishies Class. 08:00 – 12:15 for Puppies, Eendjies and Bunnies Classes and

08:00 – 12:30 for Kitties  & Ellies Classes. Staff  are not able to supervise children who arrive before 08:00, so

please adhere to the school times.


17.  AFTERCARE: Teachers are not able to supervise the children if they have not been collected within 15 minutes of

home time. Therefore all children that have not been collected by this time will then automatically be put into after care

and charged accordingly. We do this for the safety of your children.  Aftercare operates from directly after school to 5pm,

Monday to Friday.

AFTER CARE FEES: are charged pro rata.

Per day:                        2pm: R50 and 5pm: R70.

Per month:                        2pm: R520 and 5pm: R860