Class Structure

School Class Structure

The placement of children into classes is at the discretion of the teacher and principal and may be flexible during the younger age groups.



Moms and Tots


Btots feetabies from 3 months with an adult accompanying them until the child is ready to go onto more formal schooling without a caregiver present.

Facilitator:  Kim Matter

starFishies class

Starfish clipart. Free download transparent .PNG | CreazillaChildren will be accepted into school from 18 months.

This is our Toddler class and facilitates children up to 3 years old.

 Teacher:  Christina Stadtherr

Assistant:  Sandiswa Jack



Free Cute Penguin Clipart, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart LibraryThree turning four during the current year.

Teacher:  Nicky Sankey




ElliesThis is our Senior class combining Grade RR and R students.

Teachers:  Kim Matter and Emma Van der Westhuizen





All children are required by the Department of Education to start Grade 1 in the year during which they turn seven.

Should a prospective Grade R learner not be ready for Grade 1, the Grade R year can be repeated only with permission from the Western Cape Education Department and after a comprehensive psychological school readiness assessment has been completed.

We endeavour to pinpoint any areas of concern during the years before Grade R so that steps can be taken early to remedy any impediments to learning that the child may face.  If an area of concern is picked up, the school will refer the pupil to an independent professional for assessment in that area, and we will work in conjunction with them and the parents to facilitate improvement.