Class Structure

Our children are placed into classes according to their age group by teachers and the principal.

For babies younger than 18 months, we host a special weekly moms and babies group called Tots. Read more about Tots here.

We have five English classes for children older than 18 months – Fishies, Puppies, Bunnies, Kitties and Ellies. There is also an Afrikaans class that we call the Eendjies.

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Studies have proven that people learn more in their preschool years than at any other period in life. For this reason, we are focused on preparing our children as well as possible for future success by teaching them and allowing them to learn through play. Activities such as puzzles, construction toys, play dough, educational toys, art, baking, music and learning letters and numbers make Footsteps a preschool rather than just another daycare.

We also do multiple additional activities including Footloose, Music, Art, Dance and others.

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Additional Added Value

It is our greatest desire to see our children well prepared for their futures when they graduate in Grade R. So, if necessary, we have an Audiologist/Speech Therapist, Play Therapist and student volunteers to assist children that need help in certain areas.

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