diary Means of communication

Communication is important between yourself and the school and we will use a diary – that we supply – to communicate with you.  Weekly notes are sent to you via e-mail on a Monday with all the information regarding the Topic, Bible story and other pertinent information for the week. If you do not have access to e-mail, please indicate this so that we can paste a printed note in the diary.

Birthday invitations and information on outings will also be pasted into the diary which must be placed into the basket in the office in the morning and will be returned into your child’s locker at the end of the day.  Any information that you would like to communicate with the teacher can be written in the book as they are checked daily by ourselves and we request that you do the same. Please initial next to the note to confirm that you have seen the information.

The Principal, Secretary and teachers are always available and ready to meet with you should you have any queries or should you wish to discuss your child’s progress. However, it is necessary to arrange an appointment.

Please let us know when your email, address or contact numbers change so we are always able to reach you in case of an emergency.

We may make your email and cell number available to other parents for the purpose of party invitations – if you do want your details shared, please inform us.

parent information



 It is also important for the school to be made aware of any “out of the ordinary” occurrences in your child’s life (e.g. death of a relative, pregnancy, pending move, trauma etc.) so that we are able to support your child accordingly.



The quality of your child’s education is greatly supported and enhanced through your active involvement at school.  A Parent Evening will be held during the first term as an opportunity for you to get acquainted with the teacher and to ask questions regarding the class, thereafter meetings will be held whenever the need arises, from either the teachers side or when requested by yourself.

Progress reports will be given in the middle and at the end of the year.  Creative work will be accumulated and sent home at regular intervals. Please return the art folder to school during the year.  Workbooks will be sent home at the end of the year.


medicineOften when a child is recuperating from an illness they will need medication.  Medication must be clearly marked and handed in at the front office or to your child’s teacher. Details regarding dosage and time to be given must be written into your child’s diary.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardians to notify the teacher or office should your child require medicine.  No medicine whatsoever (including natural remedies) may be left in a child’s bag.



Finances are a concern for most schools. Because of our commitment to keep our fees as affordable as possible and yet meet the needs of our school, additional funds are required.thCA601XN3

We would like to encourage parents to become involved in our fund raising projects.

Your help and support in this area would be greatly appreciated and it is vital in maintaining our school’s high standard

T-shirts will be supplied once a year and the cost will be invoiced to your account during the second half of the year.

Your help and support in this area would be greatly appreciated and it is vital in maintaining our school’s high standards.




Footsteps is a beneficiary of MySchool and all our parents are encouraged to become a MySchool supporters. All you need is a MySchool card and everytime you shop at Woolworths or the other MySchool partners you swipe your card – 2% of the total value of your sales will be paid over to MySchool by the MySchool partner. MySchool then consolidates all the fees and pays it over to Footsteps at no cost to you!

The cards are issued at school at no cost to you on receipt of an application form. More than half a million South Africans MySchool supporters can’t be wrong, because they know you benefit too! You also automatically become a member of the Woolworths WRewards loyalty programme which has its own rewards!


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