Our Curriculum

CthCAP5QI4Fhildren under the age of 6 learn more and at a faster rate than at any other time of their lives.  We believe that children’s intelligence and their approach to learning can be positively influenced during this phase of their lives. We start developing the brain from the beginning with our babies class by building connections through new experiences and learning opportunities using all the senses.  As children grow we increase upon this idea providing as many learning opportunities through different mediums as we can.  We include the use of music, rhymes and stories to build language, concentration and pre-reading skills. Children participate in a weekly music class where they are taught  rhythm, songs and basic actions and instruments to develop co-ordination and musicality. This builds up to our concert at the end of the year.

Playing is an important part of a young child’s development and much learning is done incidentally during play.  Balance is important and both fine and gross motor skills are targeted on our well equipped playground and in the class rooms.  Each day children are encouraged to participate in age appropriate puzzle building activities. Construction toys, playdough, educational toys and materials for creative expression are laid out for use at all times during the day.


A daily creative activity with various materials is also organised by the teachers in accordance with the theme and each Wednesday children will make or bake something edible.



girlWe structure our formal class times (circle times) around weekly themes which run in conjunction with the National Curriculum as a basis and expand and build upon the curriculum to enhance learning.  Weekly Bible stories are followed together with a colour and shape of the week. Older children are introduced to Pre-reading, writing and Maths skills through the use of activity books that we have developed appropriate to each age and stage, encouraging number and letter recognition.


Weekly outside circle times further develop gross motor skills and co-thCA57RUJWordination and Footloose classes are included in the curriculum to encourage the children to move and develop strong muscles.

Playball, Monkeynastix, Dancing and Rugby lessons are optional extras.

Children are educated extensively about litter and cleanliness and end their day by participating in ‘tidy-up time’ and then are able to practice their pre-reading skills during story time where they are encouraged to ‘read’ a book and then listen to a teacher directed story.

Outings are organized for the older classes each term, to broaden their learning experience.



Included in the Curriculum and School fees


Movement and exercise programme to encourage children to explore and  discover the world through their senses and their bodies while having fun.



Singing and vocal development; Expressive and creative movement, exploration of percussion instruments and basic dance.



tuckTuck shop

 All the children are required to bring R5 to buy from the Tuck Shop on a Friday and every child gets a turn to be the Tuck Shop Supplier and Sales person.



Extra-mural Activities not Included in the School fees 






Presented by BELINDA VAN TONDER (0722842123)

From 3 years old at school during the morning.





Presented by Juan Peo (0825607535)

All ages.





Presented by denise

From 2 years old at school during the morning.



rugby skills

Free Kid Rugby Clipart in AI, SVG, EPS or PSDPresented by jason polydorou (0828276785)

From 3 years old at school during the morning.