Children may attend school between 2 and 5 days per week however we encourage children to attend at least 3 days per week as this helps to build confidence and security in your child.  In the case of absence, we would appreciate an sms or telephone call to either the office or teacher, giving us a reason for the absence. Please note our policy regarding illness and sending sick children to school as per our school rules.




Children can be dropped off at school between 08:00 and 08:30 in the mornings.

It is in your child’s best interest to arrive during this period to enable them to play and get their bearings before we begin the school activities. Please drop off your children and leave quickly and confidently. Your hesitation makes the children insecure.

New toddlers must please bring their comfort(dummy, teddy, etc) along until they have settled. Rest assured that we will let you know if they don’t settle after you leave.


Please note that before 08:00 is preparation time for the teachers.  If you need to drop your children before 08:00 a special arrangement must be made with their class teacher.

 Closing times are as follows:      clock2

starfishies                                 12:00,

penguins                                   12:15,

dolphins                                    12:30.


Please collect the children on time  as we have staggered the finishing times to regulate traffic around the school.

It is disturbing for your child to be fetched late so please make every effort to collect them on time and let us know if you are sending someone else or will be late.


Please consider your fellow parents in the Parking lot. Take care where and how you park and look out for our little ones – most of them are not visible in your review mirror!

Also note not to park in the opening directly in front of the gate. This is used as a lane to allow a circular flow of traffic.





Aftercare is available everyday from Monday to Friday until 5pm, either on a pro rata basis or as a permanent arrangement.

Teachers are not able to supervise the children if they have not been collected by 12h45.  Therefore all children that have not been collected by this time will then automatically be put into after care and charged accordingly. We do this for the safety of your children.