Footsteps is home to a very special Moms and Babies group from age 3 months. This is not just a playgroup but a carefully researched programme designed to stimulate your baby’s brain.  The group also provides much needed support for mom as she negotiates the challenges of a new baby.

Why participate in a Moms and babies group?

Shortly after birth trillions of connections between neurons are made in the brain.  Then through a neural process the brain eliminates connections that are not used.  The only way to reinforce and keep these connections is through stimulation at a young age.

Research has shown that children who don’t play much or are rarely touched develop brains that are 20-30% smaller for their age. Doing something as simple as reaching for a toy stimulates the brain.

Our programme includes the following activities to stimulate the brain:


Studies also show that music affects spatial-temporal reasoning, the ability to think ahead in space and time – a skill required in maths, science, chess and engineering.


Puzzles help children build the skills they need to read, write, solve problems and coordinate their thoughts and actions.  It also helps with recognising colours and letters and your child will come to realize that the sum of parts makes up a whole.  By inserting pieces into the puzzle, children also develop the muscle group used for writing, or the “pincer'” grasp.

Gross Motor Development

Movement of the large muscles of the body.

Gross motor skills are closely linked to self image and good posture.  Actions such as walking, running, hopping and jumping strengthen the child’s muscles and develop self confidence. Movement allows the child to become aware of his body parts, physical planes – left, right, top and bottom.  He learns that he can move each side of his body independently and slowly realises which side he prefers. (Establishing dominance).  He will also learn about space and distance, without which a child will be clumsy and awkward.  When he is able to control both sides of his body he will have acquired the skill of balancing.  Integrated muscle co-ordination or combining different parts of the body while moving is an important part of gross motor development i.e. Hand-hand, eye-foot, foot-foot, eye-hand and hand-foot co-ordination.

POOR GROSS MOTOR SKILLS CAUSE: Physical problems, emotional problems, bad posture, difficulty establishing dominance, difficulty with laterality, poor fine motor skills, spatial skills and language skills.


Playing is learning.  During play a child uses all his senses, develops an understanding of how his body works, discovers new things and learns language.  Play encourages independence and responsibility, builds relationships with other people and he learns to communicate, take turns and follow rules.

Physical skills are enhanced through play, co-ordination is improved and the child develops perceptual skills vital for academic learning later.  Intellectual skills are developed and concentration is enhanced.  The child learns to reason and organise their thought,  It encourages creativity and imaginative thinking  Children learn to solve problems, make decisions and understand the relationship between cause and effect.  Finally play helps children to express their feelings and deal with their emotions.


Enhance the feeling of emotional well being and develop the sense of touch.  It is therapeutic for children who are born tactile defensive.  The development of touch is directly related to fine motor skill development.


Creativity develops in a nurturing, relaxed environment.  It helps children to express their thoughts and feeling,  They learn about themselves, their environment and the world around them.  It promotes problem solving skills and develops concentration, Creative art helps refine gross and fine motor skills and most importantly provides instant satisfaction.


Join us on Tuesdays from 9am to 11am.

Note that there is no Tots during school holidays and also not on the day that school opens.

Snack time

This is also tea-time for mom! Tea and coffee will be served.

A list is available for moms to add their names and take a turn to bring some eats.


The 1st class is free, thereafter the cost is R90 per child per class you attend. We invoice at the end of the month for the month past. Please pay on the first of the month.  Payment can be made by cash or internet transfer to ABSA Bank Acc number – 4087840988, Plettenberg Bay.


We look forward to a long and happy relationship with

you and your child at TOTS!