Footloose & Other Activities


Included in the Curriculum and School fees


Movement and exercise programme to encourage children to explore and  discover the world through their senses and their bodies while having fun.

What the children learn and experience will be celebrated at a Footloose Sports Day at the end of the 3rd term and the whole family is welcome to join in the fun!!


Singing and vocal development; Expressive and creative movement, exploration of percussion instruments and basic dance.



Tuck shop

 All the children are required to bring R5 to buy from the Tuck Shop on a Friday and every child gets a turn to be the Tuck Shop Supplier and Sales person.

Tuck list 2017



Extra-mural Activities not Included in the School fees 





Presented by Leigh Horn  (084 5118493)

From 3 years old – Mondays & Wednesdays at school during the morning.

Kitties and Ellies – Wednesdays at the Community Church, girls to be collected from the church at home time.




Presented by Juan Peo (0825607535)

From Fishies to Ellies at school on Wednesdays




Presented by Devon Holton (082 4447490).

From 2 years old Fishies – at school on Thursdays.